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Street Cat Photography

Most people who know me will say I´m a huge cat lover, so much so I wish I had one to call my own.

But I don´t have the space for one, so I like to go out and take photos of any cool cat I can find, maybe who knows befriend them!

So, here are the coolest photos I´ve taken so far.

a black cat
black cat

First runners up are these black cats. There is something mysterious about them, no wonder people had several superstitions about them. But know I don´t believe in the whole bad luck thing.

siamese cat resting
siamese cat walking on grass

Then there is this other cat, Siamese or maybe some crossbreed. Likes to hand on the grass.

Last I found this cool stripped cat. It´s actually very young. I found its mother and siblings nearby, I might show all of them in a future post.

So, there you have my cool cat portfolio. I don´t have much to say about them. But I just wanted to share them in one place.

Photos were taken with a Canon EOS 500D with a Zoom Lens EF 70-300mm IS USM

Copyright © (2022) – All rights reserved.


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