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Gaming Summer Fun

It´s summer, the perfect time to relax, go to the beach, get together with friends, or maybe travel somewhere.
Or maybe you´re just like me and ended up having a staycation for whatever reason.
But don´t despair! I got just the thing for all you non-travelers out there, why take a virtual vacation instead?
Here are my personal recommended summer game destinations.

1.Cozy Grove

cozy grove poster

I love camping, I love the outdoors, and most of all I love nature.
However, this year I had no such luck, but at least here´s a game that helped me scratch that itch.

You would be forgiven for thinking this is an animal crossing clone. True, it takes so much inspiration from it, while also being its own thing.
Players will play the role of a Spirit Scout, and travel to an island, helping Ghosts with their unfinished business.
You get to help them at least once a day, and then get new quests the next.

a scout in a camping site surround by plants, animals and decorations
This is what my camp looks like so far

And there is so much to do, fishing, crafting, collecting as well dress up your own character and decorate your tent.
There are some differences compared to its Nintendo counterpart, the 2D cartoony style for one, there´s also mechanics involving lighting up the map through quests and installing lamps.
I also found it less overwhelming and more chill compared to animal crossing.
If you only have a couple of minutes in a day to play, this life simulator is the game for you.

Game Links:

2.Monster Camp

poster for monster camp

The long awaited sequel to Monster Prom and also another camping-themed game.

Players get to join the road trip of a lifetime and who knows, a little summer romance.
If you aren´t familiar with this series, its basically a gamified visual novel, where you are present with a number of eligible love interests and your goal is to get with one of them (or get the secret endings), oh and they´re all monsters.

monsters at camp
Nothing like bonding over a campfire

There are some differences from the last game, the setting for one, but things like money and the convencional shop are none existent. Instead, you go to a bar to get drinks than can either affect stats or are the key to unlock special endings.
You also have a lot more options in the character creation, including what items to pack for your trip.
Not to mention its a game best played with friends, that´s right, this is a multiplayer visual novel.

Game Links:


mutazione poster

Ironically I just finished playing this one last month.
It is a simple game where you play as Kai a young girl visiting her grandpa for the summer.
You get to explore a town full of odd characters and find yourself involved in a soap-opera type of plot. There is a tragic story involved but also some cute slice-of-life moments.

a beautiful garden
This was one of my attempts at gardening

There is also a gardening mechanic, that´s right, through the game you are given several different gardens to create by using seeds you collect in your exploration, plants can be grown through use of music.
And as an extra players get a free gardening mode and send/receive seeds from other players.
I Might write about my playthrough of this game in the future.

Game Links:

4.Disneyland Adventures

disneyland adventures poster

What´s more fun than camping or traveling to an island somewhere? Going to Disneyland!
Wait you can´t go? That is okay because there is a virtual version you can go to.
This game allows you to experience the magic of Disney and more.
Players get to go on a variety of attractions based on the actual parks, not to mention there are a ton of quests, and even interact with their favorite characters.

a kid interacting with pluto in disneyland
Hey there Pluto

There´s also item collecting and cool outfits.
You know maybe other theme parks should come up with a videogame version of their own, seriously, where´s my Universal Studios Game?

Game Links:

5.Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

alba poster

Yet another Island adventure involving visiting your own grandparents. But make it more educational.
Alba is a young girl that loves animals, so when she travels to a small Mediterranean island, she doesn’t waste time going on a wildlife exploration.

alba walking by the beach
Just a Walk at the Beach

There´s a ton of cool stuff to do, engage in a little nature photography (which ironically is not that different than what I do in real life) rescue some animals, clear out the trash and get the locals motivated to do their part for the enviroment.
Very chill and play at your own pace type of game.

Game Links:

6.Summer in Mara

my summer in mara poster

It´s clear that thanks to stardew valley, there has been a sort of revival in the farming game genre, which brings me to Mara.

You get your very own island to explore, harvest crops, and create buildings.

a farm

But that is not all, there are other islands you can visit and with their own inhabitants, also you get a boat, that is always fun.
The style funny enough kinda reminds me of Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker, except the stakes, are much lower.
I´m actually about to play this one.

Game Links:

If you know of any similar games, please feel free to comment below.

Disclaimer: The Humble Bundle Links in this post are affiliated, this means I receive a commission every time someone makes a purchase through it at no extra cost and it will go towards supporting this blog.

Copyright © (2022) – All rights reserved.


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